Based out of the budding and historical capital Cairo, the Maison Pyramide Factory was founded in 2016 with the aim of consulting and establishing fashion brands and companies in the Egyptian market. The Factory was created out of a clear need for a fashion market and the establishment of a fashion industry in Egypt. It now serves as a platform of know-how and expansion for budding designers to venture into regional and the international markets.  

Through nurturing of rising talents, as well as established ones, we hope to create a strong bridge connecting Egypt with the MENA region and the world, allowing the brands to expand strategically. Furthermore we aim at introducing international brands to the local scene to create an exchange of fashion styles and experiences to enrich the local market. Together with our network of contacts, our experience, internationality, background and perseverance we offer innovation and high aesthetics in everything that we create. 

We take chances, make statements and believe in the power of collaboration. 


PR & Marketing

Product Placement
Media Planning
Talent Management
Branding and Design

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management
Content Creation

Fashion and Art Direction

Fashion Event Planning & Production
Fashion Shoot
Fashion Film


Brand Consulting
Retailer Consulting Strategy analysis
Secret Shopping
Visual Merchandising

House of Select, also known as Select Jewelry, is one of Egypt’s oldest jewelry houses, carrying pieces of heritage since the time of the Egyptian monarchy.

Founded in 1923 by an Italian expat, the house dressed some of Egypt’s most notable people, including King Farouk himself, his wives, children and other members of the Royal Family. After the 1952 Revolution, the store ownership went to Samy Abdou Youssef, who took over the business and grew the house while maintaining its star status. In the years to come, the house kept on dressing society’s elites, including the Lady of the silver screen, Faten Hamama. House of Select was also featured in notable Egyptian classical movies, such as “Al Millionaire Al Faqir” and “El Ataba El Khadra.”

Being one of the oldest and one of the best diamond jewelers in the market, House of Select is now working on modernizing their design approach by collaborating with some of Egypt’s most outstanding modern designers, including M Collection and Okhtein.

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